Thursday, March 23, 2006

Gordon Parks 1912 - 2006

This was short piece I did for Current_tv. (Ch 103 NY Time Warner Cable)

"The Jackie Robinson of photography" is what one photographer called him, and just as Jackie Robinson meant a lot to the African American community, his entrance into the big leagues more importantly meant a great deal to all American culture at large. Our society is greater because of the diverse experience we are allowed to be part of. Gordon Parks brought us into a world we all can learn from and taught everyone that life is not limited.

It was a pleasure to produce this piece. It was delight to rub elbows with such a loving community of artists. Thank you Current_tv and thank you Gordon Parks.

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Payroll said...

Man this is a really good piece. Nice work! I have a profile on current tv and I hope to produce something this good one day!