Sunday, April 23, 2006


This was a piece I shot on the evening of April 1st, and morning of April 2nd. Peep it on Greenlight it if you dig it.

It was real fun to shoot. When the cops came by I just left the camera rolling. Ellis told me later that the boxes of chalk he gets from the 99 cent store are clearly marked " SIDEWALK CHALK, for ages 3 and up".

The beats are by DJ Excess, a longtime collaborator who I have worked with many times most often with HOP-FU. ( see links)


ryan said...

Loved your Shadows Video -

I would like to feature the artist

over the Talent SpotLight on

it is free- all i ask is a little
promotional 'hey check out ' that kind of thing.... interested???

Javier Goin said...

after watching that video, i've decided to join the Current TV thing. Your video was inspirational!

TillokG said...

Hey, I really enjoyed your video on Ellis G, well done! Listen, I'm writing my final thesis (dissertation) on Current TV as an example of a democratizing force in the media industry, and to complete my research I would like to interview some Podcasters like you. It would really help me out. If you're interested, please email me back at
Cheers, Giulio

Chelsea said...

Hey man I plugged you on my blarg... just wanted to let ya know. A+!

I just started a small artist collective and production company called Veritaz Productions. It's good to see people also making shorts that mean something. Keep it up and thanks a lot!

inventivesoul said...

Hi John, We met in Brooklyn, while you were documenting the freecycle event.
I wanted to let you know that I saw the Ellis G. piece as soon as I got home.
You did a GREAT job. I was enjoying every minute of it and shared it with my friends.

Amber Dawn (the happy girl at the event!)

Berry said...

I am digging the videos and the blog! Keeping doing your thing!