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Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Produced by Groundswell for the 15th Anniversary Event
Shot and Edited by John Carluccio

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Give My Regards to Brooklyn......

Anyone who has been following my progress has seen the exciting work I've been doing for Brooklyn Independent Television (B.I.T.). Last month, I left the emerging company to lead a small team of filmmakers in documenting music related topics at DubSpot Music Schools (more information to come).

Leaving BRIC Arts Media Brooklyn (the parent company) is bittersweet, because the company creates a fertile soil to build great media. It exemplifies many of the core company values I believe in such as: community accessibility, promotion of free speech, non-commercial programming, educational values, and a space to succeed and fail. The department I worked in, B.I.T., employs a staff of passionate talented producers and editors whom I will miss dearly. Some producers arrived via BRIC Community Media, while others came from TV networks like CNN and NY1 (I came from Current TV). The one thing we all had and still have in common is the drive to succeed and develop great content. The lack of pressure from advertisers, company directives or any other barricades allowed us to test our personal limits.

Below are some examples of my favorite segments that I produced for B.I.T., including the 2009 NY Emmy nominated story about Big Daddy Kane -- an experimental edit that I'm happy to say was not stifled by my senior producer(s), but encouraged by my supportive family at B.I.T.  I hope to take that spirit with me to my next career adventure.

I admire and look forward to witnessing the continuing wide range of great work coming from Brooklyn Independent Television, BCAT, BRIC Media Education and BRIC Arts. Do not sleep on this gem of media making in Brooklyn.

a complete list my work at B.I.T

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Connecticut Hot Dog Tour

Whether you are a foodie or a fast food junkie, this film will wet your appetite -- it almost converted this vegetarian into a meat eater. My longtime friend Mark Kotlinski (Producer) and I went all over Connecticut visiting some of the top hot dog spots in the summer of 2010 and I quickly learned that Connecticut folks are serious about their dogs. We even tracked down the rumored "Wieners on the Water" located in the middle of the Connecticut River.

Sausage and Bread
“…a fantastic little independently-made documentary about the many and varied types of hot dogs that are available in Connecticut, and the love affair people of New England have with the classic sausage and bread combo.”

New England Film
“…an epicurean odyssey filled with floating hot dog stands, celebrity cameos and fiercely guarded recipes handed down through generations.”

The Hot Dog I Ate
“Mark’s documentary is going to become a guide book of sorts for me and for any encased meat enthusiast who will reverently tick off each hot dog joints as a religious pilgrim does shrines.”

Official website:

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Here's three recent stories I did for BIT that exemplify a Jazz/Rock, Punk/Jazz and Jazz/Punk/Rock spirit.

First up is Bitches Brew Revisited, a concert that re-examines one of my favorite Miles Davis LP of all time. It was jazz as well as rock and even electronica (using the studio as an instrument). Features: Graham Haynes, Marco Benevento, Cindy Blackman, Melvin Gibbs, Antoine Roney, James Blood Ulmer, and DJ Logic.

Produced for Caught In the Act
Producer/Editor: John Carluccio
Camera: Joe Pacheco
Official site -

Next up, artist Jesse Jones, who I have seen as cool since college. Both of us are Pratt Alumni and when you go to art school, the big man on campus is not the quarterback on the football team, instead it's rebellious lead singer of the local hardcore punk group called Yuppicide. A gentle giant who could scare a novice and awaken an open mind.

Produced for Caught In the Act
Producer/Editor: John Carluccio
Camera: Joe Pacheco
Official sites - ape2ape, Yuppicide, Freight Trane to the Face, Mind Control Assassins

Finally, Vernon Reid meets Beans. I've worked with jazz/rock guitarist Vernon on a number of projects and our conversations have always covered vast territories. He once mentioned to me that he really respected hip-hop artist Beans who worked on his first solo CD. So when presented with the opportunity to match the two artists in a conversation for CITA's Artist to Artist segment, I thought what a match. In Vernon Reid terms, they respecognize each other.

The full version:

Here’s the syllabus (in order):.
· End It All (Beans latest CD)
· Love Me Tonight
· The Killer Inside Me
· Experience Hendrix Tour
· Living Colour’s next step
· Reuniting a band
· Anti Pop Consortium
· Prog-Rap
· Mistaken Identity
· R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet
· Divine Stlyer
· The lonely path of an outsider
· Gary War
· Greg Tate
· Burnt Sugar
· Hip Hop disconnect
· W. Kamau Bell
· The Field Negro Guide to Arts and Culture
· The Blank Slates
· Autechre
· Mantronix
· The Black Rock Coalition
· Afro Punk
· Jack Bruce & The Tony Williams LifetimeTribute
· Brotherly love
· Ronald Shannon Jackson

Follow Beans at:
Follow Vernon at :

Monday, March 07, 2011

DJs eat Breakfast too.

Here's a little something I did for the great minds at Native Instruments.

Great talents with great tools.

a six 5D camera shoot (thanks N.I. and Q-bert's crew).

my previous adventure with DJ Shiftee

Brooklyn Business - 2010

Some segments I produced for Brooklyn Independent Television's buisness programing, Sector B
(pardon the long intros)

Flavor Paper

Producer/Editor: John Carluccio
Camera: Joe Pacheco
Official website

Cobble Hill Wallpaper Store Has Unusual Offerings (VIDEO)
The Huffington Post story

Snap Goods

Producer/Editor: John Carluccio
Camera: Joe Pacheco & John Carluccio
Official website -

Brooklyn Review (NEWS) 2010

Some segments I produced for Brooklyn Independent Television's news programing. Brooklyn Review

Brooklyn Stars of Dance

Producer/Editor: John Carluccio
Camera: Joe Pacheco
Official website

Soda Tax

Producer/Editor: John Carluccio
Camera: Norman Lam

Holiday Shopping with Tracy E. Hopkins of

Producers: John Carluccio & Tracy E. Hopkins
Camera: Joe Pacheco & John Carluccio
Official website -

Also from In the Zone (sports)
World Cup Brooklyn

Producer/Editor: John Carluccio
Camera: Norman Lam