Saturday, March 12, 2011

Connecticut Hot Dog Tour

Whether you are a foodie or a fast food junkie, this film will wet your appetite -- it almost converted this vegetarian into a meat eater. My longtime friend Mark Kotlinski (Producer) and I went all over Connecticut visiting some of the top hot dog spots in the summer of 2010 and I quickly learned that Connecticut folks are serious about their dogs. We even tracked down the rumored "Wieners on the Water" located in the middle of the Connecticut River.

Sausage and Bread
“…a fantastic little independently-made documentary about the many and varied types of hot dogs that are available in Connecticut, and the love affair people of New England have with the classic sausage and bread combo.”

New England Film
“…an epicurean odyssey filled with floating hot dog stands, celebrity cameos and fiercely guarded recipes handed down through generations.”

The Hot Dog I Ate
“Mark’s documentary is going to become a guide book of sorts for me and for any encased meat enthusiast who will reverently tick off each hot dog joints as a religious pilgrim does shrines.”

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