Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Here's three recent stories I did for BIT that exemplify a Jazz/Rock, Punk/Jazz and Jazz/Punk/Rock spirit.

First up is Bitches Brew Revisited, a concert that re-examines one of my favorite Miles Davis LP of all time. It was jazz as well as rock and even electronica (using the studio as an instrument). Features: Graham Haynes, Marco Benevento, Cindy Blackman, Melvin Gibbs, Antoine Roney, James Blood Ulmer, and DJ Logic.

Produced for Caught In the Act
Producer/Editor: John Carluccio
Camera: Joe Pacheco
Official site - http://bitchesbrewrevisited.com

Next up, artist Jesse Jones, who I have seen as cool since college. Both of us are Pratt Alumni and when you go to art school, the big man on campus is not the quarterback on the football team, instead it's rebellious lead singer of the local hardcore punk group called Yuppicide. A gentle giant who could scare a novice and awaken an open mind.

Produced for Caught In the Act
Producer/Editor: John Carluccio
Camera: Joe Pacheco
Official sites - ape2ape, Yuppicide, Freight Trane to the Face, Mind Control Assassins

Finally, Vernon Reid meets Beans. I've worked with jazz/rock guitarist Vernon on a number of projects and our conversations have always covered vast territories. He once mentioned to me that he really respected hip-hop artist Beans who worked on his first solo CD. So when presented with the opportunity to match the two artists in a conversation for CITA's Artist to Artist segment, I thought what a match. In Vernon Reid terms, they respecognize each other.

The full version:

Here’s the syllabus (in order):.
· End It All (Beans latest CD)
· Love Me Tonight
· The Killer Inside Me
· Experience Hendrix Tour
· Living Colour’s next step
· Reuniting a band
· Anti Pop Consortium
· Prog-Rap
· Mistaken Identity
· R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet
· Divine Stlyer
· The lonely path of an outsider
· Gary War
· Greg Tate
· Burnt Sugar
· Hip Hop disconnect
· W. Kamau Bell
· The Field Negro Guide to Arts and Culture
· The Blank Slates
· Autechre
· Mantronix
· The Black Rock Coalition
· Afro Punk
· Jack Bruce & The Tony Williams LifetimeTribute
· Brotherly love
· Ronald Shannon Jackson

Follow Beans at: www.adoredandexploited.com
Follow Vernon at : http://twitter.com/vurnt22

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