Sunday, March 27, 2011

Give My Regards to Brooklyn......

Anyone who has been following my progress has seen the exciting work I've been doing for Brooklyn Independent Television (B.I.T.). Last month, I left the emerging company to lead a small team of filmmakers in documenting music related topics at DubSpot Music Schools (more information to come).

Leaving BRIC Arts Media Brooklyn (the parent company) is bittersweet, because the company creates a fertile soil to build great media. It exemplifies many of the core company values I believe in such as: community accessibility, promotion of free speech, non-commercial programming, educational values, and a space to succeed and fail. The department I worked in, B.I.T., employs a staff of passionate talented producers and editors whom I will miss dearly. Some producers arrived via BRIC Community Media, while others came from TV networks like CNN and NY1 (I came from Current TV). The one thing we all had and still have in common is the drive to succeed and develop great content. The lack of pressure from advertisers, company directives or any other barricades allowed us to test our personal limits.

Below are some examples of my favorite segments that I produced for B.I.T., including the 2009 NY Emmy nominated story about Big Daddy Kane -- an experimental edit that I'm happy to say was not stifled by my senior producer(s), but encouraged by my supportive family at B.I.T.  I hope to take that spirit with me to my next career adventure.

I admire and look forward to witnessing the continuing wide range of great work coming from Brooklyn Independent Television, BCAT, BRIC Media Education and BRIC Arts. Do not sleep on this gem of media making in Brooklyn.

a complete list my work at B.I.T

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Tracy said...

Great work from a super talented producer, editor, and visual visionary.